CDPAP – Consumer Directed Personal Assistance Program

What is CDPAP?

CDPAP is a Medicaid program that allows consumers that need long-term home care to direct their own care. Consumers, or their representatives, recruit their own personal assistants who they train and direct.

Who is eligible to join CDPAP?

Consumers must require assistance with activities of daily living or skilled care, have a stable medical condition, and be self directing or have a designated representative that is willing and able to direct care as per the program’s requirements. Since CDPAP is a Medicaid sponsored program, it is only available to consumers that are eligible for Medicaid.

Who can provide care under CDPAP? May family members serve as the personal assistant?

Most people, including children, can serve as personal assistants and get paid to provide care under CDPAP. Spouses may not provide care under CDPAP.

Do personal assistants need a special license or certification to provide care under CDPAP?

Personal assistants must be legally allowed to work. They do not need a special license or certification to provide care under the Consumer Directed Personal Assistance Program.

What kind of services are personal assistants able to administer under CDPAP?

Under CDPAP, personal assistants are able to provide both custodial and skilled services. This includes many skilled services that a home health aide may not provide, such as wound care, giving insulin shots, and suctioning tracheostomies.

How does someone enroll in CDPAP?

Most consumers in New York City must first enroll in a Medicaid Managed Care plan. Dual eligible consumers (meaning they have both Medicare and Medicaid) must enroll in a Managed Long-Term Care (MLTC) plan. Consumers with just Medicaid must be enrolled in a mainstream managed Medicaid plan. In both cases, the Consumer Directed Personal Assistance Program is administered by the plan. Consumers should notify their plan that they would like to enroll in CDPAP. We provide free assistance enrolling in CDPAP.

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How does the personal assistant get paid under CDPAP?

Personal assistants are paid through fiscal intermediaries (FI) that contract with the plans that administer the Consumer Directed Personal Assistance Program.

CDPAP specialist will contact you promptly to begin your enrollment.

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