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Sarah Care USA Can Help with the Challenges of Alzheimer’s / Dementia Care Services

Caring for a loved one with Alzheimer’s can sometimes feel overwhelming. Family members must deal with both the physical and emotional challenges that come with an Alzheimer’s diagnosis.  Over time, the loved one’s ability to function and communicate will decline, and behavior may become unpredictable. Studies show that caregivers’ health can also be at risk due to the stress and physical demands on them.

This is where Sarah Care USA can help. We provide the personalized care and attention your loved one needs, while allowing their regular caregivers to take a needed break.  Many of Sarah Care USA’s caregivers are trained to care for memory care patients, those with Alzheimer’s and dementia. They are experienced handling the issues and behaviors that arise in working with Alzheimer’s care clients.

Sarah Care USA can provide help to assist Azheimer’s patients and their families in a variety of capacities. Care may be daily or occasional respite care, but the goal is always to provide the best quality care to your loved one.

Personal Services and Care for Alzheimer’s Disease

Sarah Care USA Responsive In-Home Care caregivers provide a wide range of services that provide for most of the daily needs of an Alzheimer patient. Delivering a variety of care activities allows the patient and caregiver to bond and develop trust and a familiar routine that often helps the patient cope better with the stress of their memory loss and disease symptoms.  Among the services we provide on a daily basis are:

Meal Preparation and Special Diet

Our caregiver will prepare fresh and nutritious meals according to guidelines provided by the family, medical advisors or nutritionists. The caregiver can shop for and prepare special diets including meals that are diabetic, low sodium or low trans fat and more. The caregiver will also plan meals for daily nutritional needs, and track food intake to assure that nutritional needs are being met. Ask about our nutritional home delivered meal plan designed for those with special diets.

Eating Assistance 

Sarah Care USA Responsive In-Home Care caregivers are trained and experienced in providing eating assistance to our clients who may have physical and emotional challenges that prevent them from eating on their own.

Bathing and Oral Hygiene

Sarah Care USA Responsive In-Home Care can assist with personal hygiene tasks such as washing and bathing. Our focus for personal care is always on the patient’s comfort, dignity and health. Our caregivers are also trained and experienced with basic oral care and can help with teeth brushing and other basic mouth, gum and denture care for overall good oral hygiene.

Medication Reminders

Sarah Care USA Responsive In-Home Care can provide regular reminders for oral medications or injections, and can assist with pre-measured medication and the monitoring of any possible complications (ask about our medication dispensers and personal safety monitoring systems).

Mobility Assistance and Positioning

Movement and physical activity are key to optimizing both mental and physical health.  Our caregivers will provide assistance to clients so they may benefit from any mobility that is comfortable and natural to them within their physical limitations. Our caregivers are also trained in proper positioning techniques to assure proper posture of clients while eating or watching television to help with circulation and digestion.  They will use safe posturing techniques when helping the client move and from locations such as the bed or commode.

Continence and Toileting Care

Sarah Care USA Responsive In-Home Care caregivers are trained and experienced in providing sensitivity, privacy and dignity while assisting with urinary and bowel care. Sarah Care USA Responsive In-Home Care caregivers understand the role that toileting care can play in a client’s comfort, independence and self-esteem.


Sarah Care USA Responsive In-Home Care believes in caring for the mind, body and spirit. Companionship care is an important element of caring for anyone living with disability or in isolation. This is just as true for the Alzheimer sufferer who continues to benefit from  human companionship and interaction, as well as the mental stimulation that comes with activities shared with others.  Acti-kare caregivers may read spend time reading to their client, perhaps sharing a meal, music or a game. The caregiver will adjust activities and communication style to the needs of the client so they are put at ease.

A Range of Options to Meet your Alzheimer’s Care Needs

Respite Care

Sarah Care USA Responsive In-Home Care can help relieve the stress of caring for a loved one by providing relief for the primary caregiver. Regular respite care is a good way to allow family members to maintain a long term care role while having opportunities to plan activities of their own to look forward to enjoying.

Live-In Services

Sarah Care USA Responsive In-Home Care can provide on-going relief to busy family members with live-in care services. These services are available on a temporary or more permanent basis.

24-Hour Peace of Mind

Sarah Care USA Responsive In-Home Care can offer peace of mind with our home monitoring and personal monitoring Systems. Call for more information regarding this service.

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