Start-Up Assistance

We will guide you through the setup of your business, providing you lists of approved suppliers for your equipment and supplies. In addition, we will assist you in implementing your initial local advertising campaign to create awareness of your new in-home care business.

Marketing Assistance

You will become part of our established brand, benefiting from the use of our Sunny Days trademarked name and logo to create almost instant credibility and visibility throughout your community. In addition to allocating $10,000 of your initial franchise fee directly into your local grand opening advertising campaign, we will continually develop new marketing materials and tactics for you to take advantage of as you grow.

Home Office Training

You and your key managerial staff will attend a full training course taught by our team of experts at our home office. There you will learn key aspects of launching and operating your business.

Technical Tools & Assistance

Sunny Days will provide you with access to our system-wide technology tools, including accounting, business management and care-scheduling software, to help streamline administrative aspects of the business and maximize efficiencies.

Operations Manual

We will provide you with a comprehensive and confidential Sunny Days In-Home Care Operations Manual that covers all the details of running your business. You’ll find detailed job descriptions for staff, comprehensive administrative and client service procedures, personnel policies, caregiver recruitment and care-scheduling techniques.

Population Projection Software

Using a system that projects population growth of seniors in a given area, Sunny Days In-Home Care helps franchisees develop locations in a competitive market.

Ongoing Support for Your In Home Care Franchise

We will be available by phone or email to assist you in your daily operations. Our team will also schedule visits to your location to help review your business growth, and work with you to address any challenges you may encounter. You will be able to take advantage of periodic refresher training programs and business planning meetings to ensure that you and your staff are up-to-date with the most current industry requirements, management issues and other important aspects of the in-home care industry. We will also facilitate your relationships with other franchisees — a valuable source of information and support.

Your Partner In Business

No matter what your background is, we can teach you the specifics of running an effective Sunny Days In-Home Care business. You don’t necessarily need to have a background in this industry or have any established relationships in the medical field. We provide the tools and techniques you will need. We simply ask that you bring your commitment, abilities and desire to build a business, plus some key intangible qualities, like truly caring about your community and about what you do. The growth and rewards can only follow.

Grand Opening Assistance

We know it can be difficult to get your business off the ground, so Sunny Days In-Home Care will contribute $10,000 of your initial franchise fee toward your grand-opening marketing budget, in addition to the $500/month we require you to pay for grand-opening marketing. This will help you get a running start and tell your community that you’re open for business

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